Exercise must be an integral part of your life for optimum wellness!

running at a triathlon



Exercise Programs

In today's exercise market there are any number of exercise routines one can follow. At Vancouver West we strive to ensure that the exercise routine you are following is the one most appropriate for you. Depending on your requirements we will tailor specific exercises to ensure as full a recovery as possible as well as minimizing your potential for further injury.

What is exercise?

Physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health -- it is performed for many different reasons.

Types of Exercise

aerobic: This refers to constant activity that increases your heart rate and respiratory rate above resting but still allows your body to use oxygen for cellular metabolism, this includes walking, running, swimming and biking etc...
anaerobic: This is activity which increases your bodies metabolism beyond its ability to use oxygen, this type of exercise is and can only be in short intervals as you cannot exercise for too long before your oxygen debt will stop you, this includes, heavy weight lifting and sprinting of any kind.
stretching: is elongating a resting muscle to its fullest length, hatha yoga type practice is an example of stretching.

Why Exercise

Maintain/Improve Health
It has been shown through numerous well designed studies that exercise has a significant impact on your health - that is a good one! It can be said that 'Exercise is Medicine'. Benefits include lower blood pressure, less likely hood of a heart attack, relief from depression, body induced antioxidants, decreased chance of Type 2 diabetes, better bone and joint health, increased tolerance to pain, the list goes on.
In many injuries the risk of generating rigid scar tissue can be a real concern. However, not all injuries require stretching as a first course of recovery. It's best to consult with a health care professional for proper advice.

Unfortunately most people do not exercise enough. There's always something in the way. You of course are making that choice - it might be a good idea to examine why you don't want to be healthy???

Before partaking on any new exercise plan it is highly recommended to consult with your health care professional. All the information presented is purely that - information- it is not to replace any professional advice.