General Information

What do chiropractors do?

A Chiropractor is a highly educated health care professional who is trained to assess you general health status focusing on musculoskeletal (joint and muscle) problems. Once a diagnosis is made of your condition there are many approaches available to the chiropractor with which to treat your condition.

Is chiropractic safe?

There have been numerous studies through the years which have pointed to the effectiveness and extreme safety of chiropractic care.   In many cases of neck and back pain, chiropractic along with lifestyle changes has shown to be the most effective treatment and should be utilized as the first line of therapy. Recent study shows minimal risk with chiropracitc care... more

What should I expect and how long do I have to go?

Your first visit will require a thorough history and examination of your health concerns. You will be required to complete a health questionnaire form. After which the chiropractor will add to the information with some further questions and a comprehensive orthopedic examination. Once a working diagnosis is formed we will inform you of the treatment plan and best approximate the treatment time that is expected.

Because all individuals are unique so are their treatment requirements and it is difficult to give an exact treatment time and outcome. Your progress will be closely monitored to maintain the most appropriate treatment protocols so as to ensure as complete recovery as possible.