Do you like the water?

swimming butterflySwimming is a wonderful way to get in shape. With the water being close to the density of our own bodies, significantly less stress is places on joints and other tissues. This can be a perfect place to recover from an injury or allow degenerative painful joints a more comfortable place to exercise.

Humans have been swimming for thousands of years. In today's world swimming is generally done for recreation, exercise or in some cases as an occupation. If you choose swimming as you main form of exercise it is very important that you ensure proper swimming stroke/technique. All too often we see in the clinic overuse injuries such has impinged shoulders to low back pain from incorrect butterfly stroke and knee pain from an incorrect whip kick. If you're new to the sport have someone asses your swimming style.

Before partaking on any new exercise plan it is highly recommended to consult with your health care professional. All the information presented is purely that - information- it is not to replace any professional advice.