Recent research has indicated that ultra sound over chronic trigger points can significantly reduce pain and hasten recovery.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

ultrasound"Therapeutic Ultrasound" is one of the most common electrophysical modalities used today. Its effectiveness has been enhanced over the years by studies which helped determine optimum techniques and patterns of application, and a wide range of injuries have shown to be responsive to this popular, non-invasive therapy.

A deep tissue heating modality reaching underlying tissues as deep as 1 to 5 centimeters, it is used to treat musculo-skeletal injuries, back and joint conditions, limited range of motion, soft tissue injuries, and chronic conditions.

Treatment is administered directly which penetrates the tissues, increases blood flow, relaxes muscle spasms, repairs damaged tissue, and dramatically speeds the healing process. It creates permanent, physical changes and repairs both hard and soft tissues problems.

One of the major advantages of ultrasound is that it is nontoxic and nondestructive. The healing response is directly proportional to the input of ultrasonic energy and is somewhat dependent on ultrasonic frequency, which are highly variable and, although proven to be effective in many case studies, is being continually refined through newer studies designed to measure the effects of time, frequency and intensity of applications on various body structures and conditions affecting them.

For soft tissue healing, ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves, well beyond the range of human hearing, which cause molecules in the tissues to vibrate, producing heat and mechanical energy.

The main piece of equipment is a high-frequency generator, which provides an electrical current through a coaxial cable to a transducer contained within an applicator. The crystal in the ultrasound head expands and contracts which produces the necessary sound wave. By adjusting the frequency of the waves, specific tissues can be targeted for either healing or destruction, or simply use the device to reduce pain.

Ultrasound therapy can be applied directly to the skin or through a water medium. When applied directly, it must be performed using a coupling gel. Ultrasound can also be done in a tub of water or through gel packs.

(effectivness varies from person to person)